Important advice

As a seller it is your responsibility to send items using a tracked service and keep proof of postage. You are the only party that can prove that the item has been sent properly. This is particularly important as if something goes wrong (such as the buyer claiming the item hasn't arrived), you must have proof that you've shipped it correctly.

Without this tracking the buyer and Second Skin have no way of determining whether or not the item was sent and to the correct address.

Shipping items from the UK

We recommend using the courier comparison site Parcel2Go.

Shipping from home has become much easier with the ability to print labels from home, local drop off locations and collections. Some services don't even require you to print your own labels.

Just remember to make sure the service is tracked and that you have an adequate level of insurance.

Shipping items from other countries

We'd love to hear from you if you have advice about shipping from your country so we can add it to our help guide.

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