Find out how the buying and selling process works when you use Second Skin:

  1. The seller posts a listing and sets a price for the item.

  2. The buyer purchases the item using a credit/debit card.

  3. The payment amount from the buyer is pre-authorized on their card, but the card is not yet charged.

  4. The seller is notified of the new transaction and has three days to accept the transaction. If they do not accept, the transaction is cancelled and no money is taken from the buyer.

  5. When the seller accepts the transaction, the amount is captured from the buyer's card and the funds are held securely by Second Skin.

  6. Both parties get a receipt of the transaction by email and the seller dispatches the item.

  7. When the buyer receives the item, they mark the transaction as complete. The seller is transferred the money into their bank account minus the Second Skin commission fee. Transfers take 7-10 days to appear in your account from the time the transaction is marked as complete.

  8. If the buyer doesn't receive the item or it is significantly not as described, they can dispute the transaction. In this case the Second Skin team will step in to help resolve the issue. No money is transferred to the seller pending resolution of the dispute.

  9. Finally, the seller and buyer can leave feedback for each other.

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