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Disputes are rare on Second Skin, but when they do occur we strive to be as fair and balanced as possible.

How to protect yourself as a seller

As a seller, you are the most protected against disputes if you:

  • Use a tracked postage service that confirms the item was delivered to the buyer's address. You must keep proof of shipping and delivery. This is the only proof we will accept.

  • Sell and take payment through the Second Skin website

  • Dispatch the item to the address on the transaction receipt

  • Dispatch within a reasonable timeframe and no later than 7 days after accepting a transaction

  • Respond to Second Skin messages within a reasonable timeframe

You are not protected against disputes if:

  • You did not use a tracked shipping service

  • The sale was made outside of Second Skin

  • The item is on Second Skin's prohibited items list

  • The item is significantly not as described

  • You fail to respond to Second Skin's emails in the required time frame

What is the definition of "significantly not as described"?

Second Skin is a place to sell pre-loved items, so we understand that not every item will be perfect. What’s important is that your description and photos accurately reflect the item you’re selling.

The following differences would be considered "significant":

  • Incorrect sizes

  • Wrong colour

  • Counterfeit items

  • Severe, undisclosed damage

  • Incorrect item

The following would not be considered "significant":

  • Mild smells

  • Minor damage on second hand or vintage items

  • Material looks different than it did in the images

  • Doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right

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