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Shipping Info for Buyers
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Shipping is mostly the responsibility of the seller, but there are a few things you as the buyer should be aware of:

  1. The item should always be sent using a tracked service.

  2. The seller should always share the tracking information with you.

  3. You should provide the seller with accurate and complete delivery instructions. This includes an email address and telephone number for tracking purposes.

Using a tracked service

This is extremely important. If something goes wrong with your delivery, a tracked service is the only way we can find out what happened.

In our Shipping Guide for Sellers, we make it clear that it is their responsibility to use a tracked service. We also advise sellers not to accept a request from a buyer to use a cheaper, untracked service.

If you request an untracked service and the seller agrees, this will affect your protection from Second Skin if the package goes missing.

Requesting the tracking information from the seller

If your seller does not send you the tracking information for your package you should request it from them. Use this to get the most up-to-date estimate for delivery time.

Providing accurate and complete delivery instructions

It is your responsibility to provide the seller with an accurate address, as well as any special instructions needed to ensure a successful delivery. Such information may include, but is not limited to:

  • PO box information

  • Instructions for drop boxes in public areas

  • Locations NOT to leave a package, e.g. with a neighbour you don't trust

The seller is telling me their estimate of shipping costs is wrong

When creating a listing sellers are asked to enter an estimate for domestic and, if they choose to offer it, international shipping. There's always a chance that these estimates aren't accurate depending on exactly where you live.

Before you make a request to buy an item, you should first message the seller with the address the package needs to be delivered to. The seller will then get an accurate shipping quote for a tracked service.

Before they accept your request they will update you on the new shipping cost:

  • If you both agree that the estimate on the listing is close enough to the real cost, they will accept your offer and proceed.

  • If the updated shipping cost is significantly higher or lower than their estimate, but you are happy to pay the updated amount, they will first have to reject your offer, and amend the listing to reflect the actual cost. You will then need to request to buy again, they will accept and proceed.

  • If the updated shipping cost is significantly higher or lower than their estimate, and you are not willing to pay the updated amount, they will reject your offer.

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