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Raising a Dispute and Refund Policy
Raising a Dispute and Refund Policy
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Disputes are rare on Second Skin, but when they do occur we strive to be as fair as possible.

Valid reasons for a refund

Refunds are issued if:

  • Your item didn't arrive, or;

  • The item you received is significantly different from the listing

What is the definition of "significantly not as described"?

Second Skin is a place to sell pre-loved items, so not every item will be perfect. What’s important is that the listing description and photos accurately reflect the item you’re buying.

The following differences would be considered "significant":

  • Incorrect sizes

  • Wrong colour

  • Counterfeit items

  • Severe, undisclosed damage

  • Incorrect item

The following would not be considered "significant":

  • Mild smells

  • Minor damage that was disclosed in the listing

  • The material looks slightly different than it did in the images

  • The item doesn’t fit or doesn’t look right

Raising a dispute

If your item didn't arrive, or you believe it is significantly different from the listing, you should raise a dispute.

IMPORTANT: You have 72 hours after your package arrives to either mark the transaction as complete, or to raise a dispute. This is your window to check the item and make sure you are happy with it. This 72 hour window begins as soon as the package is delivered to the address you specify, regardless of whether you are there to pick it up. We do this to ensure that sellers are paid in a timely manner.

Once you raise a dispute, you should message the Second Skin team explaining your side of the issue. We will also contact the seller. Each dispute is handled on a case-by-case basis.

What to do if you accidentally mark a transaction as complete

If you accidentally mark a transaction as complete when you meant to raise a dispute, you should contact Second Skin immediately.

Marking a transaction as complete automatically triggers the payout to the seller. This means the funds leave the secure holding account in which your payment was being held, and are transferred to the seller's bank. Unless you contact us immediately, we have no way of intervening in that process. The funds will arrive in the seller's bank account, and the only way to receive a refund is for the seller to return your money themselves.

Reasons why a refund may be denied

We may deny your request for a refund if:

  • Your purchase was not made through the Second Skin website

  • You provided an incorrect mailing address to the seller

  • The item you purchased is on Second Skin's prohibited items list

  • You asked the seller to use an untracked delivery service

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