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When you sell an item, Second Skin will automatically charge a 12% fee on the total transaction amount (including shipping costs). This charge will be taken from the amount a buyer has paid, and the remainder will be paid out to you.

There is a minimum commission fee of 1.00 in the currency specified on your listing.

How does this compare to other online marketplaces?

Our fee includes all card processing charges, so unlike platforms like eBay and Depop, there are no further fees that you might usually expect to pay when using PayPal. This makes our fee workout cheaper overall.

Why do we charge a commission fee?

The charge is in place to keep Second Skin up and running. It covers:

  • Fees charged by our payment provider, Stripe

  • Website hosting

  • Marketing

  • Development costs for new features

Why do we charge commission on the shipping costs too?

If we only charged commission on the cost of the item, sellers might be tempted to avoid paying any fees by charging a very small amount for the item and a much larger amount for shipping. Charging a flat commission on the total cost makes it simpler for sellers to see how much they will make, and ensures Second Skin earns the revenue it needs to continue operating.

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