Creating a Listing
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Before you start: Set up your Payout Preferences

Before you create a listing, you should setup your payout preferences. You can learn how to do that here.

Create a listing

To create a listing, start by clicking 'Sell Gear':

  • On desktop, this is to the right of the search bar.

  • On mobile, this is above the search bar.

From here you will be prompted to select a category. If you're not sure, just pick the category that fits the best, or choose 'Miscellaneous'. Next, select a sub-category.

Then simply fill out the required information:

  • A title for your listing

  • The price for your item (not including shipping)

  • The currency you wish to be paid in

  • The cost for domestic shipping

  • Whether or not you want to offer international shipping

  • The cost for international shipping (if offered)

  • A detailed description of your item

  • The condition your item is in

  • Any relevant sizes

  • The brand of your item (if applicable)

  • The country you are shipping from

  • Images of your item

For more information on shipping, check out our Shipping Guide.

To give your item the best possible chance of selling, check out our help article 'Tips for an Effective Listing'.

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