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Is there a way to receive my payment faster?
Is there a way to receive my payment faster?
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We strive to get sellers their payment as quickly as possible. Assuming you do not need to provide additional information to verify your address or ID, and assuming the buyer has not raised a dispute, your payment will be triggered as soon as the buyer marks the transaction as complete.

How long do payments take to reach my account once they've been triggered?

Once a payment has been triggered by our provider, Stripe, it will take several days for the balance to reach your account. The exact amount of time depends on your country and your bank.

To find out typical timings for your country, check out this Payout Timing Guide from Stripe. Please note, these are guides. Your experience may vary depending on local events like bank holidays.

Unfortunately, we have no way of amending these times. Our system will trigger a payout as soon as the transaction is marked as complete. When that happens, we have no way of speeding up the time it takes to reach your bank.

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