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How can I improve my chances of making a sale?
How can I improve my chances of making a sale?
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At any given time there are thousands of open listings on Second Skin. Improve your chances of making a sale by following these tips on how to create an effective listing.


Photographs are probably the single most important aspect of your listing. Be sure to include lots of photos, and pay attention to the following:

  • Make sure your photos are well lit, taken against a plain background. A white wall or bed sheet is a good option.

  • If your item is wearable, consider including a picture of you wearing it. You don't have to show your face, but sometimes items look more appealing when they're being worn. It helps buyers imagine what it will look like on them.

  • Include photos of all tags and labels, so potential buyers can verify the brand, the size, and the care instructions. This gives buyers more confidence that your item is genuine.

  • Include photos of any wear and tear you think buyers should be aware of.

We do not recommend that you upload an image of the item from the original vendor (no matter how hot the model is). Buyers want to see the specific item they are buying, not a stock image.

Describing your item

As a minimum, we recommend including the following in the description of your item:

  • The brand. You filled out the brand field when you created your listing but it's worth repeating in the description. You should also include a photo of the label showing the brand. If your item does not have a brand or is custom-made, you should mention that.

  • The size. Again, this info was entered when you created the listing but it's worth repeating in the description. As with the brand, you should also include pictures of any labels confirming the size.

  • The age of the item.

Listings that provide extra information tend to sell more quickly, especially features that you can't see in a photo, such as:

  • Why you are selling this item. Maybe it doesn't fit anymore. Maybe you've had it for a long time and want to make room for something new. People like to know why the item is for sale.

  • What the item is like to use or wear. Does the material stretch or is it rigid? Does it have a nice leather smell? Is there a trick to zipping it up? This helps people imagine themselves owning your item.

  • The history of the item. Where did you buy it? Did you get it for a particular event? What is your favourite memory of owning it? Again, this helps potential buyers imagine themselves owning it too.

Fill out your profile

Buyers obviously want to know what they're buying, but they also like to know who they're buying from. Filling out your profile is a great way to reinforce interest in your listings.

  • Tell us a little about yourself. Are you new to the kink scene or are you a pro? Are you more into leather or rubber or something else?

  • Include a photo of yourself or an illustration. You don't have to show your face if you don't want to. Do not use anyone else's image as your own profile picture without their permission.

Advertise outside of Second Skin

If you have a kink-focused social media account, why not advertise your listings there? Be sure to include a link to your specific listing so potential buyers can find it easily.

If your followers are not currently Second Skin users, they will need to sign up first, but this process is very quick and easy. We no longer require an invite code.

Check your pricing

Compare the cost of similar items on Second Skin and sites like eBay to make sure your item isn’t listed too much higher than the others. Be sure to account for any unique or special features your item has that others don't. If these features warrant charging a higher price, make sure you mention them in your listing so buyers know why your item is worth more.

If your item is still available new, make sure to price it lower than the brand-new cost.

Consider international shipping

The vast majority of our users are in the UK, mainland Europe or the US. If you do not live in those areas and you don’t offer international shipping, you might want to reconsider, since the vast majority of our users do not live within your domestic postal area.

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