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Am I allowed to sell my item on Second Skin?
Am I allowed to sell my item on Second Skin?
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For legal reasons, there are certain items we can not sell on Second Skin.

The most common prohibited items are:

  • Used sex toys

  • Pornography

  • Items with bodily fluids

  • Tickets for giveaways, events or shows

  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia

  • Electrical items

  • Services

The full list of prohibited items can be found here.

Second-hand clothing

Sellers must declare that second-hand items of clothing are not new, and that they have been cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In cases where there are no manufacturer's instructions, the item must be cleaned to the best of the seller's ability.

Sellers declaration regarding prohibited items

When creating listings, we ask all sellers to confirm that their item does not appear on the prohibited items list. The most common examples are shown in the warning box but your item may be part of the larger list, which can be found by clicking the button labelled "View our full list of prohibited items" or via the link above.

If we find a listing for any prohibited item we are required to delete it.

Sellers who repeatedly upload prohibited items may be removed from Second Skin permanently.

If you're not sure if your item is prohibited, contact a member of the Second Skin team and we will be happy to advise.

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