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I'm not receiving any emails from Second Skin
I'm not receiving any emails from Second Skin
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Some email providers can mistakingly think that an email from us might be spam. This means that rarely our emails might not reach your inbox.

If you have any problems receiving emails at any time, or if you don't receive the confirmation email when you sign up, try the following:

  • Check your junk/spam folder. If any of our emails appear in your junk/spam folder, you should click the 'not spam' button.

  • Add and [email protected] into your safe senders, or whitelist with your email provider. Some email providers automatically whitelist email addresses that you save into your contacts.

If you're still not receiving emails following this, or need further help, please send us a message using the chat feature.

Why is it important I get emails from Second Skin?

It's very important that you're able to receive emails from us as these emails tell you when someone wants to buy your item, or if a seller has accepted your purchase, and for other important reasons as we help you buy and sell on the platform.

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