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Selling on Second Skin - Overview
Selling on Second Skin - Overview
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Selling on Second Skin is simple and quick.


  • Step 1: Setup your payout preferences

  • Step 2: Create a listing

  • Step 3: Accept or reject a purchase request

  • Step 4: Send your package using a tracked service

  • Step 5: Get paid

  • Step 6: Leave feedback

You can find more detailed info below and in our other help articles.

Step 1. Setup your payout preferences

To become a seller on Second Skin, our payment provider, Stripe, needs to know your bank details, and needs to verify your identity.

You can find out how to do that here.

Step 2. Create a listing

Creating a listing is quick and easy. Our guided process will help you post in no time.

For more information on creating a listing check out the article here.

You'll find tips for creating an effective listing here.

Step 3. Accept (or reject) a purchase request

When a buyer wants to purchase your listing they will request to buy your item.

IMPORTANT: You will have 3 days to accept of reject their request. If you do not respond within 3 days, our system will automatically reject their request.

Before you accept an offer you should always double check if the shipping estimate you entered is accurate for the buyer's exact location.

Check out our Shipping Guide to learn what to do if your estimate needs to be changed.

Step 4. Send your package

Once you've agreed on a shipping cost and you've accepted the request, it's time to ship your package.

There are three things you must consider every time you send items:

  1. Always send items using a tracked service and keep proof of postage/tracking information.

  2. Always share the tracking information with the buyer.

  3. Consider getting insurance/protection for your package, especially if sending it internationally or if it is high value. Second Skin is not viable for lost items.

Check out our Shipping Guide for more important information.

Step 5. Get paid

As soon as you have accepted a purchase request, funds from the buyer are transferred into a secure holding account with our payment provider, Stripe.

We ask buyers to mark a transaction as complete within 3 days of receipt, to give them enough time to check that the item is as expected. As soon as they complete the transaction, a payout will be triggered from Stripe to your bank account.

You can learn more about payouts and timings here.

Step 6. Leave feedback for the buyer

The last step is to leave feedback for the buyer. They will be asked to leave feedback for you too. This helps build your reputation as a reliable seller.

If you believe someone has left you unfair feedback, you can contact the Second Skin admin team.

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